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For use in moderate to heavy traffic areas. This advanced premium turf is our most requested product and now its been specifically manufactured to meet that demand. Specially designed with a realistic color profile to match the look and feel of everyday lawns but with increased durability and resistance to flattening. With its increased weight of 70 oz, it maintains its superior rigidity without sacrificing its appearance or softness. Great for landscaping applications and playgrounds.

  • Face Weight: 70 oz
  • Backing: Polyurethane
  • Colour: Emerald / Olive / Sand
  • Pile Height: 1.8”
  • Tan and Green Thatch Layer


  • Landscape / Playgrounds
  • Moderate to Heavy Traffic


  • Designed to truly replicate grass
  • 1.8" blade height to achieve a natural appearance
  • Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability 
  • Heat and frost resistant, UV stabilized
  • No harmful environmental effects
  • Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack


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