Professional grade sports surfaces – Training never felt so good!

The new industry standard for golf turf is here! Practice and play on the same turf used by professionals and golf courses nationwide!

Sport Turf

We can sew on Velcro seams to any foam turf products so the field can be modular and does not have to be a permanent installation. Our field and sport products are all professionally glued or sewn together using the industries leading products. Customize any product to meet the specific requirements of the project.

If you have an existing field that is failing and don’t know where to turn. Mirage Turf Systems can come provide support and work with you to find a way to fix seams and build proper cleaning and service programs to maximize the life of the product.

  • Outdoor Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lawn Bowling Lacrosse, or Multi-purpose Fields
  • Practice Fields
  • Park and Recreation Fields
  • Intramural Fields
  • Batting Cages 
  • Sports Performance Facilities 
  • Tennis and More!

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Sport Turf Installations Gallery

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