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This product was specifically designed and engineered with your furry friends in mind! It is pet friendly and made with the softest and easiest to clean material - something both you and your pet will love! Its realistic feel and stain resistant coating makes it the perfect solution for your pet area needs. It is easy to clean, looks great on the eyes and helps reduce the odors caused by your beloved pet.

  • Face Weight: 40 oz
  • Backing: Polyurethane
  • Colour: Emerald & Dark Olive Green
  • Pile Height: 1.4”
  • Golden Thatch Layer


  • Designed specifically for pet use
  • Pet friendly and pet safe!


  • Designed for pets and your convenience
  • 1.4” blade height and light weight allow for easy cleanup and soft feel
  • Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability 
  • Heat and frost resistant, UV stabilized
  • No harmful environmental effects
  • Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack


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